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SmokingCats - Discreet Ship from Texas !
8" Clear Glass bong with ice pinch


SmokingCats - Discreet Ship from Texas !
Infinity Waterfall Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe


SmokingCats - Discreet Ship from Texas !
9" Tornado Cyclone Glass Water Recycler Rigs


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  • How to fix oil burner pipe ?

    first lets start with why your pipe cracks very easily ? do you heat it properly? the quality of the glass pipe, many glass pipe are made from cheap materials,...

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  • How do “dab rigs” work?

    A “dab rig” is just another type of pipe with interchangeable pieces.In a water pipe, a bowl for your smoke of choice is connected by a tube that goes into...

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  • How to hide the smell after smoking bongs

    There are few odors in the world as pungent as the smell of weed coming from someone’s apartment. If you live in a highly-populated area or have nosy neighbors, you...

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