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  • Why put water in bong smoking ?

      A bong or water pipe,not just limited to water, you can use whatever liquid you like to put into the pipe, Apple juice, or orange juice, the reason water was added to it, for two reason, reduce harm and increase smooth inhale.

       using a bong or pipe over smoking joints not only uses way less and wastes less weed but it is  better for your lungs because you are not smoking the paper from the joint,most water pipe have built peculator,it will remove tars,and other residues.

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  • Bong really bad for your lungs ?

    Not just bongs but if you smoking anything is usually always bad for your lungs to some degree, just as spending a day in a city with heavy car pulluation  is usually worse for them than having a picnic on a nice clean mountain slope surrounded by daisy fields.

    A lot. In a clean bong, you first get treated to the tastes of terpense of your medical cannabis. This is worth the price of door ticket itself, in manys opinion. We buy these lovely exotic expensive herbs and do not appreciate them for the unique herbs that they are.

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  • Is bad to smoke tobacco out of a bong?

    Smoking is always bad for health, no matter what tool you are using to smoke,

    Many things are happening when utilizing a bong, or smaller bubbler, while consuming cannabis. Burning cannabis produces a huge amount of smoke stream that contains all the things you dont want, and a lot of the things you don’t, such as hot smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), hundreds of carcinogenic compounds generally referred to as tar, and fine particulate matter, like ash.

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  • Cannabis effective in the treatment of PTSD ?

    A lot veteran  with PTSD are considerably at a greater health risk of suicide, and depression, Anxiety. Several patients use Medical Cannabis to ease their symptoms.

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  • are cannabis addictive ?

    it depends, addiction can be remove by well power, if a person have strong well power, there is nothing to be afraid of anything, 

    People may get addicted to social media and gaming.

    People may addicted to gambling.

    People may addicted to answering questions on Quora.

    People may get addicted to anything

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