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How to hide the smell after smoking bongs

Posted on by Mark Chen

There are few odors in the world as pungent as the smell of weed coming from someone’s apartment. If you live in a highly-populated area or have nosy neighbors, you may want to consider covering up your bong sessions with some air fresheners or something else that will eliminate the smell of weed. Here are some different ways to hide the smell of smoking bongs without leaving an overwhelming scent behind that might give away your stoner lifestyle!

Use Air Fresheners

These products come in a variety of scents that help mask any unpleasant odors. And because they’re designed to smell good, you don’t need to worry about using air fresheners in your home.

They won’t make smoking bongs any less effective and will prevent neighbors from complaining about it. Even if you don’t have a bad habit, having a few fresheners around can ensure your house smells great whenever guests come over. There are even oil diffusers designed specifically for creating pleasant scents in large areas like offices or public spaces.

These devices disperse oil-based fragrances across an area and can be set up quickly in just minutes. Many models plug into electrical outlets so they can run continuously and eliminate strong odors instead of simply covering them up. So, if you’re looking for ways to hide smoke odor after consuming pot at home, try using an air freshener—the best product type for maintaining healthy indoor environments with minimal effort.

Use Odor Absorbers

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you smoke bongs, chances are that any odor will linger for quite some time in your home (especially if it’s a small apartment). To get rid of it quickly, all you need is an odor absorber.

Use one, and your home will be nice and fresh again—in no time! Odor absorption kits can usually be purchased at any local supermarket or gas station, so picking one up should be fairly easy for most people. So long as you have one around when needed, your home won’t stink up in half an hour after smoking bongs anymore. It’ll just smell like whatever air freshener you bought. Much better!

Remove All Trash and Joints

The smell that comes from smoking bongs can linger on your fingers, in your clothes, and pretty much anyplace else you touch. To make sure that doesn’t happen, take out all trash before you start smoking. You don’t want to have joints or ash lying around where it can stick to furniture or other things.

In addition, always wipe down surfaces and glass with a paper towel after you're done smoking bongs so you don't get any smudges on them. Keep a stack of papers nearby so you have something absorbent (and easy to clean) right next to your glassware when enjoying a session. Be prepared ahead of time, and you'll save yourself some trouble later.

Today's advice is quick but important: make sure your herb gets completely dried before placing it in an airtight container. Keeping it dry is key to preventing mold! Store cannabis buds in airtight containers (you can find these at head shops), like Tupperware or ziplock bags. While cannabis has been shown to hold up for about 6 months without molding when stored correctly, there are plenty of strains that will last upwards of one year with no issues!

Completing these tasks might seem like a no-brainer, but if we pay attention to what others do during their sessions we'd be surprised how often we see people do just these two things wrong...every time they smoke weed!


Clear the Room of Smoke

Next time you want to smoke in your room or at a friend’s house, make sure you clear out all lingering smells before lighting up. Clean your bong after every use and throw away any bowl packing that’s leftover.

Even if no one is home, open your windows and turn on fans for at least a half-hour to air out your space completely. When it comes time for another session, light up then crack a window before taking that first puff—the smell will be much less noticeable when mixed with fresh air.

If the smoking inside is simply not an option, try going outside to enjoy a few hits. The wind and outdoor air can also help eliminate odor almost instantly. And don’t forget about smelly clothes! If there's not enough time between smoking sessions, chuck those clothes straight into your washer to avoid setting off another round of stank from those dirty jeans.

And lastly, skip on the cologne: people may love how you smell but are probably just as turned off by what they're associating that scent with! Overall? Try showering thoroughly every day rather than relying on masking agents to keep yourself smelling good. It's much healthier both short-term and long-term!

Run a Dehumidifier

One thing that can make your place reek after a night of smoking bongs is excess moisture. While keeping windows open can help clear out some smells, it’s not going to get rid of everything. The best way I’ve found for getting rid of any extra humidity is running a dehumidifier in one room for about a day or two.

This method seems to work really well and gets rid of smells better than anything else I’ve tried so far. Just remember to use common sense when smoking at home: don’t smoke inside, have good ventilation, and make sure all flammable objects are kept away from direct heat sources.

These methods also reduce lung irritation (keep windows cracked when possible) and keep you from inhaling as much secondhand smoke (make sure to turn off any fans before you start smoking). Lastly, steer clear of cigarette odor with a simple baking soda trick: just put about 1⁄4 cup baking soda into an empty box fan and turn it on—you should notice less of a smell after an hour or so.

A Dehumidifier Uses Fan Power To Absorb Moisture From The Air Around It In Order To Promote Better Indoor Air Quality And Comfort Throughout Your Home Or Office.

Dehydration has its effects on your body since there's not enough water in the bloodstream.

Wash the Room with Vinegar

It might be possible to go straight from smoking a bong in your bedroom directly into work (if it’s casual Friday, for example), but you may want to change if possible. If you can’t take off your clothes immediately after smoking, just hang them in your room and cover them with other clothes so that they have time to air out before you need them again.

For example, hang an extra t-shirt over your bedsheet and let it sit for a few hours before putting it back on. Once that shirt is dry enough, put it on, leaving all of your other smoky clothes in hiding! You could also try spraying down your walls and furniture with vinegar or cleaning solutions to remove any lingering smells. This is more intensive than simply hanging up some clothes, but potentially worth it if you frequently smoke in your house or apartment!

Change Your Clothes if Possible

If you’re using a bong and are headed into a meeting or social setting, change your clothes before leaving home. The smell will linger in any fabric and if you don’t change your clothing, you’ll smell like bong water even when you arrive at your destination.

If changing clothes isn’t an option (and it won’t be at most meetings), make sure that you shower beforehand and use a deodorant or body spray. Alternatively, if someone sees you smoking, blow smoke up into their face—they might notice less of a smell on your clothing that way! However, it is important not to blow smoke directly into someone's face as it could be offensive. This strategy works best with close friends who know about your smoking habits.

Using cologne is another good tactic for hiding pot odor from others; however, you should also ask yourself if there are other ways to handle whatever situation you're in so that you don't have to rely on masking scents with more scents. Why bother with all these extra steps? As mentioned above, smells stick around and can easily throw off those around us; people may notice something about our behavior first (like maybe we're acting weird), but then they'll later realize we've got a familiar scent going on too—which doesn't necessarily mesh well with how we want people to see us or perceive us.


After smoking marijuana and using a bong, there’s going to be a lingering smell. Some people may not find it as pungent as others; some may even mistake it for cigarettes or incense. However, if you live with family members or roommates who aren’t on board with your chosen form of recreation, then chances are they won’t find it amusing that you just smoked marijuana and now their living room smells like pot for days.

The smell can linger for hours and stick around until you have time to air out your room. So how do you get rid of that smell? Here are a few ways. These tricks will help mask that telltale scent so you don’t give anything away:

Not only will these tips make your living space smell better, but they also leave behind a more pleasant scent than marijuana smoke itself. Your place might smell different, but visitors would probably never guess what it was from!