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  • Compare Smoking Cigarettes vs Cigars.

    When it comes to cigar and cigarette smoking, the  common  opinion is that  cigarettes are easily linked  to addiction and health defects of smoking, while Cigars on the other hand  relates to classy pop culture trends that have been existing for time immemorial; one which is   common amongst the influential. 

    Well, recent findings have proven this theory null.

    You'd be amazed to find out several features that establish a fine line between cigar and cigarettes, and these goes beyond the class of people in use of them. 

    Before we dissect the differences between the two, we will like to give a definition of the two to help you fully understand what they are.

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  • HOw to Quit smoking bongs quickly

    Quit smoking are hard, not matter Cigarette ,Cigar or Bongs, There is not much different, Bang is just often known by slang words such as bubbler, binger and hookah are cannabis-smoking pipes. They've existed for millennia. The name bong is thought to have originated from the Thai word "baung," which refers to a bamboo tube used for smoking a joint. Although today’s modern bongs appear to be far more complex than a mere bamboo tube, they all share the same general procedure.

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