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Why vaporizer smoking are worse than cigarette

Posted on by Mark Chen


Vaping is a common name for every smoker because it gives a more convenience way of smoking. If you are new to the “smoking world”, vaporizer will still be a familiar name to you. This type of smoking does not require you to always light up a match or a lighter and you do not need to roll up a paper or get a bong or a rig – all you need is to just assemble the components (battery: to make a hit, every vaporizer needs a battery. The use of battery is part of the magic of a vaporizer. This way, you do not need to carry a lighter about or look for a source to light your smoke. All you have to do is to push the button and you are all set. It is the battery that produces the spark which heats the coil. The battery is rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about what to do when your battery is dead, coil: this is responsible for producing the heat. Once the battery sends the spark, it charges up the coil and then heats the substance in the atomizer, wick: this is where your e-juice is contained. You load in your preferred flavor or substance into the wick and place it in the atomizer. Wicks are removable and replaceable even for a one time use vaporizer. Andatomizer: this holds the substance that produces the vapor. This is actually where the magic happens. In the atomizer, your desired substance is heated through the charge of the coil and then the vapor is being produced for your pleasure.) and you can enjoy your favorite flavor of cannabis or any other substance (vape juice). While vaping for the first time, remember that moderate is the keg for an effective and enjoyable vaping experience.

         In the recent years, vaping is gaining more recognition and acceptance because of its major advantages which include; its portability, less smoke evaporation, and its fancy structure. Bongs and rigs are actually bigger in size than a vape which means youcan take it anywhere. Many people have also said that vaping is perfect for someone who wishes to stop smoking because you will not get the traditional feeling of cigarette when you are vaping.  Other believe that vaping is actually healthier than cigarette smoking because it has the option of Nicotine or Nicotine but the fact is that vaping could be said to be more dangerous than cigarette smoking.

    If you have read about vaping before and its advantages over cigarette, you may not easily come to terms with the fact that it could be more dangerous than cigarette smoking. Also, if you are a good smoker and you are getting comfortable with vaping, then you may want to continue reading this article to gain a better understanding of how these works.  For the purpose of this article, we will analysis cigarette smoking and its effect, and compare it which the effect of vaping on smokers.


Many factors have contributed to the addiction of cigarette smoking. Those factors include climatic factor, and peer influence. The cold climate has a constant demand to be warm from the body. People have resorted to cigarette smoking to keep the body warm on the go. Now, the taste nicotine contained in the cigarette is what addictive smokers cannot do without.  The taste of the nicotine has been a major satisfying ingredient to them and irrespective of what they smoke, if they have not gotten the taste of nicotine, they are not yet satisfied.

The next is peer influence; this is the unseen pressure from friends and people around. This factor is always common among young people who want to maintain their place among their friends. Young people probably in high school, tend to start smoking simply because their friends do and this is why they easily become addicts.

Effect of cigarette smoking

The effect of cigarette smoking could be said to have a direct effect on the health of the smoker as it cause lungs disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Amidst all these, vaporizer smoking is still side to have worse effect than that of cigarette smoking.

  1. Lungs disease: the effect of smoking is mostly centered in the lungs. When you inhale smokes, it goes to the lungs before you exhale it. Unfortunately, not all the smokes from the lungs are being exhaled, some of the smokes are left behind and the cluster of it leads to lung diseases.
  2. Cancer: lately we have had issues of blood cancer, lunges cancer and other types of cancer that is associated with smoking cigarette. This is why there is an increased awareness to the effect of cigarette smoking in the recent times. Cigarette smoking is linked to be the main cause of smoke type of cancer today.
  3. Diabetes: some have argued that cigarette smoking affects the functioning of the internal body organs like the heart and even the pancreas which is not very good for a diabetic patient.

Effect of vaporizer smoking on smoker

  1. Addictive: vaporizers are addictive because it is portable which means you can take it with you anywhere you go. Secondly vaporizers light with its battery which means you do not have to carry extra gadget for lighting your smoke. Lastly, nicotine is an addictive substance and smoker who are already used to its test and sensation finds it very difficult to leave it. This substance is could be added to the juice of the vaporizer and this makes it very addictive.
  2. Slows brain development: smoking vaporizers has the ability to slow down the brain development especially in teenagers. Unfortunately, the uses of vaporizers are on the increase among teenagers and if this continues, we may have great decrease in the world innovation and the application of science and technology.
  3. Mood alteration: vaporizer comes with the option that allows the user to choose what substance he or she wants to add to the wick which means that the user can add whatever he or she wants; ranging from nicotine substance, to weeds and cannabis substance. Some substances are mood changing and can immediately alter the way you feel. Some of those substances are concentrated nicotine and hindica which is a cannabis extract. Sativa could make you instantly energized and keep you at alert. However, it can make you hyper- active even when you don’t want to.
  4. Self-control and memory:there is a great risk of memory lose when you are addicted to smoking vaporizer. This is partly because of the nicotine it contains. Also, being addicted to smoking vaporizer will mean giving oneself to the pipe because at a time, you may not be able to do without it. Again, just like every other “hard” drug like cocaine or heroin, you may totally lose control of yourself and can only get hold of yourself when you take it.

Vaporizer may have more advantage than a cigarette when it comes to its usage and convenience to smokers but its adverse effect is much. Cigarette smoking has a direct effect on the health of the smoker and that’s why it is only associated with health challenges like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes among others. While the effect of vaporizer smoking is both medical and psychological. The smoke from your vaporizer goes to your lungs too and like in cigarette smoking, not all the smoke is been exhaled – some of the smokes stays back and form a cluster which will eventually lead to lung disease in the future. But it goes beyond the medical issues which are the diseases; vaporizer smoking affects the brain development and the information retaining ability of the smoker. The substance which is consumed through vaporizers can alter the smoker’s mood because some are depressants while some others can make you instantly at alert and energized. Vaporizers are also very addictive because of the handy nature.