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How to use Click N Vape the Vape Pen

Posted on by Mark Chen

If you are an avid herbs smokes lover, you are probably seeking the best vapers out there. It is embracing that there are a lot of vaporizers sold on the online marketplace. However, finding the right portable vaporizer is a different thing. While there are many options on the market, picking the high-quality vaporizer that is suitable with your preferences can be a daunting task for you.

          Well, let’s save the time for you since Click N Vape comes as the best solution. While there are many expensive vaporizers in the market, Click N Vape comes with high quality at affordable price. Click N Vape butane torch gun vape has entered to disrupt the competitors by bringing a new level of the smoking experience. It is much more secure, quality, and fantastic.  Whether you want to get soothers while on the go, carry your device in your pocket, or burning some herbs without disturbing your neighbor, Click N Vape has it all. You can say goodbye to the bulky vaporizers and switch to this buddy.

Why are folks fond of it?

      Here are the reasons why many people have turned to Click N Vape device. Its compact size  Many people have turned to Click N Vape to replace their bad smoking habits. This model has received tons of positive feedback since its release dates. The very first reason to note is the fact that it has such a compact size and good portability. It is extremely easy to carry it around with you. You can put it in your pocket, sling bag, or just carry it with your right hand and just inhale anytime you want. That’s why many avid smokers out there choose Click N Vape over others. Neighbors-friendly

The other reason is that it has less smoke and smells than conventional cigars. Click N Vape burns the herb effectively but minimizes the population smokes that can disturb the passive smokers. You can go with it without having to worry to annoy your fellow friends or neighbors. Easily stored in your pocket or wallet, you can vape your favorite herbs anywhere, anytime you want.


Click N Vape comes with ample versatility. with such compactness and portability, it also comes with great protection. The wind-proof torch allows you to hit at any place you want. That’s why it is also a great choice for outdoor activities like fishing, camping, trekking, hiking, and so on. The torch butane vaporizer can always be ready to use anytime you need. if you are adventurers or just regular users who want to tag along with your vapers anywhere you go, Click N Vape will be your perfect buddy.

The ergonomic design of Click N Vape


              It is extremely easy and straightforward to operate the vapers. When you look at the mouthpiece, you’d agree that it is specifically designed for the avid smokers. The mouthpiece comes to fit your mouth. Not to mention that it comes with the sophisticated clog proof carbon filter that provides such fantastic hits both indoors and outdoors. The carbon filter also holds the other elements from tarnishing your aromatic herbs. That explains why when using Click N Vape you will be able to enjoy the pure and tasty smokes from your favorite herbs. You don’t need to worry about the impact of the burns since the mouthpiece will keep the device cool when you inhale and hold it. The compact design of the device makes it possible to inhale your favorite aromas in any room without annoying other people.

         The lock feature will also keep you safe all the time. When not in use, it won’t ignite by itself so that you will have peace of mind when doing your activity out there. To unlock it, you just need to slide to the lock mode and click the button. Then you could slide it back to reverse to the lock mode. It is as simple as that.

Click N Vape Model Details

         the Click N Vape torch butane vaporizer comes with ample features. When looking at the design, you will love it immediately. Its height is only 13 cm and the diameter is 1/2”. The model is compact and portable.

        Despite the slim design, the refillable butane torch lighter can stock enormous amounts of herbs, thanks to its large tank. The contoured mouthpiece eases you to inhale without any hassle.

The device comes with a wide array of color options: Red, Blue, Black, Chrome, and Green.

           The refillable butane tank is what makes it a top-notch choice for any purpose. Unlike the e-cigarettes, it does not require wires, batteries, recharge, or any other bothersome procedures. You just need to refill the butane and you are good to go. You can also find the butane refills at any convenient store in your location. There is no need to wait to recharge. Just replace the butane and you are ready for the next hit. Get yours now and you won’t regret it!

How to use it

           It is pretty simple and straightforward to use Click N Vape. First things first, you just need to pick your favorite legal herb and stock it to the large burn chamber. Then you could click the button to ignite. It takes milliseconds until you can inhale your favorite herbal smokes.

       The compact size of the Click N Vape allows you to carry it around inside your pocket. There is no need to unpack the cigarettes box and light up the zipper anymore. Instead, just reach Click N Vape from your pocket and inhale as usual.

         The device will save you time and produce smoke without waste. It also minimizes the awful smell that we usually struggle in a conventional cigar. The sophisticated torch lighter can help you attain every bit of the smoke. This device is made of high-profile material called billet aluminum. We often see this material for aircraft models. It can make the device much last longer so that you won’t see it broken anytime soon.

      Keep in mind that the supplier won’t include butane for safety reasons. You will need to fill it with butane when it arrives at your doorstep.