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Indica vs Sativa

Posted on by Mark Chen

If you are a weed lover, then you will agree with me that it is the “dragging and puffing” that introduces the sensation which makes the difference. Now, what are you dragging and puffing and for what’s your mood for the weed. In case you have not known this before now, every type of weed gives a different type of sensation. Some act as a depressant while others as a stimulant.

Hardly will you see any weed smoker take a weed without knowing or asking of the name (this s when you get high the right way). This is because he or she needs to make sure that the Tetrahydrocannabinol of the weed is in line with his or her mood at the moment. If you takes a stimulant weed when you are about to sleep, you will likely not to sleep until the next day.

At this point, you may begin to wonder which of the weeds is asedativeand which is a stimulant?You do not have to worry because this article is the perfect road map to understanding which of two types you are taking at any time and what is their effect on you. Nevertheless, the overwhelming feeling of taking something out of the ordinary (or what you know) is priceless and no matter you don’t want to try it again, you just love the adventure.

To ensure you understand this perfectly, we will be discussing two species of weed, namely: Indica and Sativa.


Looking for the perfect company for unwinding? You may want to keep indica handy. It is considered a downer. Indica usually have a short structure but with broader leaves, it is also known for its short flowering period which makes it the best to grow in a cooler climate. Indica when harvested can be consumed in different ways and for different reasons. It could be smoked when dried, refined and consumed as dab, cooked and consumed as a vegetable, among others. It can also be taken as a therapy for someone who is finding it very hard to relax or to catch some sleep and a medicine for some medical conditions. Some of the well- known indica strains includes: Northern Lights, blueberry and hindukush. Aside being an awesome weed for “good feeling” and relaxation, this particular plant is being planted for so many reasons.You might actually wonder why this plant is a very important plant for so many countries and why it is actually very lucrative for people who already have a very large vegetation of it. It is because the indica plant has both pharmaceutical and industrial value. For some countries, the revenue generated from the business of indica plants contributes so much to the nations GDP. Also, some the pharmaceutical companies are said to have made use of the extracts of this precious plant in producing some helpful medications. Insomnia for example can be handled with indica plant. The plant is a good aid for relaxation when taken.


This is very popular to eastern Asians. Unlike the indica, it has taller stems with slimmer and taller leaves. Sativa has proven to be very important plant overtime because it is used for both medical purpose and for construction. This is owing to the fact that its metabolite has a contribution to make in the human health and its teams are very good source of fiber which is largely used for constructions. Sativa is considered a stimulant because it is responsible for the extra energy you get when you smoke, inhale or eat it. Some believes that believe that sativa is gaining some recognition and legal approval today because of its pharmaceutical and industrial use. It is no news that some of the therapeutic recommendations have some sativa extract which makes it effective for stress and anxiety reduction. Smoke lovers crave more for its energizing effect and its ability to help you remain focused while taking care of depression if any.

Sativa vs. Indica how are they different

Just like the nature and nurture controversy, indica and sativa has always been compared by smoker. The debate is not necessarily which of the two is the best or has better effect of the smoker. The debate seems unending basically because they have not come to understand that though this two are from the cannabis family, they composition of their THC differ and so will be the effect that they give. For example, you will not expect to get the best dabbing experience when you do it with a bong instead of a dab rig and vice versa.  It is best to understand which of the two is best for your mood per time. Also, you may just have works for you no matter your mood.

Moving forward, we will explain the major differences between the two and how they affect the human body. This will also help you understand better what you are looking out for the next time you go smoking. Here are some the major differences:

  1. Sativa: sativa has a taller structure, slimmer leaves which are light green, and are most prominent in the eastern and central Asia. Indica on the other hand is shorter in structure, broader and darker leaves, and best grown in a cooler climate. (This does not main that they cannot grow every other place).
  2. Sativa: have you ever smoked a weed and it felt like every vein in your body were opened and you felt unusual energy inside you? Have you ever felt like you are more focus and getting a better understanding about a particular topic or event after smoking your weed? If so, then you must have taken sativa. Sativa is widely for its energizing properties and ability to help you remain focused while dealing with anxiety and depression. They are always best for the daytime. Indica of the other hand is actually a depressant and best for relaxation. If you ever felt so relaxed and calm after smoking then it must be indica. Its therapeutic effect includes; insomnia management and stress management. It is the best type of cannabis for bed time.
  3. Sometime when you had a little too much to smoke, you find out that you are almost instantly hungry. This is so because you have taken indica. Indica is a wonderful appetite stimulant and acts as sedative. Also, it has its own share of pain relief. Sativa on the other hand does its job of boasting your energy and easing depression.
  4. Sativa has a high level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive property in cannabis which gives the “high” sensation. Sativa works directly with the brain to bring out the euphoric feeling. Indica on the other hand has a high level of Cannabidiol (CBD) which is very effective for the treatment of some health conditions which includes; crohn and arthritis. It is also effective in relation and enhances readiness to sleep. “Both properties have effective health benefit which means a smoker may actually need a little bit of the two of them from time to time”.

These are not the only differences between sativa and indica but they are obviously the major difference. By reading this article to this point, you must have understood the major differences between the two and also known the particular specie you need at any time. However, you may not be lucky enough to get every of the specie as you need probable because of your climate in your location. Also, if cannabis is yet to be legalized in your location then it might be a hindrance to accessing your desired specie at any time.  But if you are lucky to get all specie when you need them, then the choice is yours. Now you may begin to clean your bong in preparation for what you now know better!