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Why Borosilicate glass bongs good ?

Posted on by Mark Chen

Borosilicate glass bongs

I believe that smoking with a bong is a high spirited exercise and as such, the process should be seamless and enjoyable. The fact is the bong you use goes a long way in determine how good you enjoy your smoking. If you have issues with your bong, chances are you will not get the desired degree of pleasure as when you use a very nice bong.

Have you ever wondered why most smokers talk about Borosilicate glass bongs? Well, in this article I will let you on everything you need to know about Borosilicate glass bongs, and then the choice will be all yours.

Borosilicate glass bongs

It is true that the ceramic type of bong is conceded the oldest type of bong but Borosilicate glass bongs remains classy and has been around for so long. Borosilicate glass bongs is one of the four types of bong which includes; ceramics bong, acrylic bong, silicon bong and the glass bong. This type of bong is made of borosilicate glass which helps to regulate the bong temperature and makes it difficult to break easily from expansion or centration from the heat. Borosilicate glasses are made out of boron trioxide and silica. Borosilicate glasses were originally made for laboratory and experimental purposes because of their durability. Borosilicate glass bong has actually been around since the 1960s following the golden age of the glass industry.

Why Borosilicate glass bongs

There are so many advantages of borosilicate glass bongs which clearly differentiate it from other type of glasses and bongs. There include:

  1. Strength: because of the combination of boron trioxide and silica, Borosilicate glass bongs are not like the regular glass, they are actually stronger and you can feel the thickness by just holding it.
  2. Durability: one of the things you do not want as a bong lover is to have it easily damages by just a slip or wear and tear. The borosilicate glass bongs is very durable and you can expect it to last for quite a long time. However, you have to be careful while handling it, there is no guarantee to how long it can last.
  3. Extreme Temperature Resistance: during hit, you may not be able to regulate the temperature of the bong all the time. This temperature has a direct contact with your bong and can cause a crack when it is high. You may frequently have this experience when you use bongs made of the regular glass but with the borosilicate glass bongs, you may not have to experience such. This is because the borosilicate glass is thicker and because of its component, it is able to withstand extreme temperature to a reasonable extent.
  4. Thermal Shock Resistance: have you ever been in a situation where your bong breaks just as you are about to take a hit? Well, don’t think it too hard, it is the thermal shock. If you are a regular bong user, then you will know that it happens all the time. Wait! Let’s not be misled, it is the thermal shock that happens nearly all the time not the breaking of the bong because with the borosilicate glass bongs, you will not have your bong broken during a thermal shock because it is resistant to it. Once there is a vibration in bong as it is while taking a hit, there is every tendency of a thermal shock. If you use borosilicate glass bongs, then you may not have experienced this at all.
  5. Easy To Clean:borosilicate glass bong is but like a crystal glass which makes it an easy to clean item. You easily see when you have a stain and could just wipe it off.
  6. Extreme Optical Clarity: you do not need to strain your eyes to see what you have in a borosilicate glass bong because you always have a clear view from every angle.
  7. Resistant to Corrosion:you won’t want to be smoking some other chemical (rust) substance along with your cannabis. Borosilicate glass bong is resistant to corrosion which means you do not have to worry about your bong been damaged by corrosion over time.

Is borosilicate glass bong toxic or not?

Everyone’s health is always the priority. No one wants to enjoy his or her marijuana with toxic equipment. So if you fall in the league of those asking if borosilicate glass bong is toxic or not, you are not asking a wrong question. However, the good news is that you can just continue from where you “paused” because borosilicate glass bong is not in any way toxic. Borosilicate glass bong is built with one of the finest laboratory material (boron trioxide and silica). Borosilicate glass does not leach out like other material like the plastic or acrylic. Borosilicate glass is 1oo percent BPA (Bisphenol A) free which makes it even safe to keep food and drinks in it. It is good to remember that aside using it as a material for bong, borosilicate glasses are used in the laboratory for keep sample, and also to test samples. Borosilicate glass is basically built to resist thermal shock and withstand high temperature.

Benefits of using borosilicate glass bong

  1. Gives a better hit: one of the main essences of using a bong is to get a good hit when a bong is not delivering this service, then it is not the best instrument. With borosilicate glass bong, you get a clean and seamless hit because the glass is clear enough for you to determine the water limit, and determine when the smoke have accumulated enough for a good hit.
  2. It’s more durable: unlike other bongs, borosilicate glass bong is very durable because it is not made of the regular glass which may easily break at the slightest friction. Also, the glass is resistant to thermal shock which is the cause of many glass bong crack and break most of the time. No smoker wants to lose their cherished bong to thermal shock or break cause by temperature fluctuation during hit.
  3. Easy to clean: keeping your bong clean after use is a very good practice for any good smoker. You will hardly see a good smoker who pays less attention to their bong because according to some smoker, a good percentage of their happiness comes from the smoke they get from their bong. Borosilicate glass bong is very easy to clean because of its glass material. You do not have to look so hard to find out where the stain or dirt is. Secondly, once you spot the stain, it is easy to clean off because the glass provides a smooth surface which also makes it hard for a stain to stick to the surface of the glass.
  4. It is classy: if you up your game, you will like to be associated with something classy. Not every smoker can easily afford a borosilicate glass bong and so, it is classy having it. Aside giving you’re a clean hit, you can decide to leave it anywhere around your home (only if marijuana is legalized in your area)as a means of adorning your home.

Compare Borosilicate glass and Pyrex

By just looking at both borosilicate and Pyrex glass, you will hardly say if there is any difference between them. Well, there is exactly no difference between them. Pyrex is actually a stronger blend of borosilicate glass which means it can’t break easily. Pyrex glass is built with the idea that it goes directly to heat. If it was not built with stronger material, it will simply melt when in contact with high heat or intensive temperature. As you get your borosilicate glass bong, do not get confused by the name, borosilicate and Pyrex glass are actually the same only that Pyrex may be understood as a trade mark that makes borosilicate glass.