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Bong really bad for your lungs ?

Posted on by Mark Chen

Not just bongs but if you smoking anything is usually always bad for your lungs to some degree, just as spending a day in a city with heavy car pulluation  is usually worse for them than having a picnic on a nice clean mountain slope surrounded by daisy fields.

A lot. In a clean bong, you first get treated to the tastes of terpense of your medical cannabis. This is worth the price of door ticket itself, in manys opinion. We buy these lovely exotic expensive herbs and do not appreciate them for the unique herbs that they are.

when using a bong,  you are breathe in the smoke that goes through a clean water bath, filter out the the heavier residue like tars,cigarette oils in its wake. The smoke then comes out of the bath cooler, more watery and with more of the pure taste of the herb.

Things like Microorganisms grow in water with decaying green matter, whether pond moss or funky dead leavings of kush. Look up lung fungal infection.

So water pipes actually filter out a number of carcinogens per inhalation, lowering the smoker’s chance of vulnerability to illnesses such as lung cancer. However, it does also drive the smoke deeper and faster into the lungs.

To recap the discoveries of so many of the scientific studies and papers done on this subject, overall, the bad effects of smoking cannabis perhaps lower than that of tobacco in regards to lung health. Cannabis is associated with lung function abnormalities, but the pattern of these abnormalities is different than that of tobacco. Regular cannabis smoking can cause physical airway damage, is associated with the symptoms of bronchitis and increases the risk of periodontal disease. Secondhand cannabis smoke exposure leads to impairments in cardiovascular function. There is no compelling evidence that cannabis smoke leads to obstructive airway disease or emphysema, and evidence suggests it helps to reduce arterial plaque and reduce the inflammation that causes it.

on the controversy a number of high-quality studies have failed to find a link between cannabis smoking and lung or upper airway cancers for occasional, moderate or chronic consumers. To this date, despite decades of research, a link between cannabis smoking and lung cancer has never been found.

also many they are believed the Alternative methods of cannabis consumption, such as vaporizers, edibles, tinctures and more, do not carry any of the risks associated with cannabis smoke inhalation.

again smoking is always something damage your lungs, it just either small or huge effects. you may want to make wise choices ,