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Why put water in bong smoking ?

Posted on by Mark Chen

    A bong or water pipe,not just limited to water, you can use whatever liquid you like to put into the pipe, Apple juice, or orange juice, the reason water was added to it, for two reason, reduce harm and increase smooth inhale.

   using a bong or pipe over smoking joints not only uses way less and wastes less weed but it is  better for your lungs because you are not smoking the paper from the joint,most water pipe have built peculator,it will remove tars,and other residues. Bongs are also beneficial because they cool down the smoke before you inhale it, reducing irritation from overheated smoke. Another way if you want to cool down the smoke to inhale the smoke better is you can put ice down the tube of the bong for ice tokes which will result in a very clean pull.

second you may also add ice in a bong, or ice pinch or ice catcher, The ice makes the hits smoother. Consequently, you smoke more. You have a better and smoother smoking experience. I guess this automatically results to you smoking more,thus getting more high

Every water pipe is different,there many design and functions, for example, straight pipe, or recycler, or dabbing rig,  of course. Some bongs are very large, mine is quite small. There is no specific amount that anyone could tell you without seeing your bong.

Start with half a cup of water. See how it draws.

If you inhale water it’s too much so try a third of a cup.

You may have to just ‘eyeball’ your water level.

Remember to change the water often. give you fresh smells,

And clean your bong once a week at minimum. Use kosher salt and medical alcohol. Pour a small amount of salt into the bong and add about twice as much alcohol, let it sit in the sink. After a few minutes swirl the mixture around and let it sit some more. Use an old toothbrush to clean the spouts and any attachments that are stained. You can dip the brush into the wet salt mix and scrub with that.