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Cannabis effective in the treatment of PTSD ?

Posted on by Mark Chen

A lot veteran  with PTSD are considerably at a greater health risk of suicide, and depression, Anxiety. Several patients use Medical Cannabis to ease their symptoms.

Medical Cannabis treatment has got a lot of argument over its effectiveness and consumption. According to the recent studies are ongoing to check on the efficiency of medical Cannabis treatment for the past few years. Coming particularly to PTSD treatment, the research studies indicate that medical cannabis is an excellent treatment for PTSD.

From the recent reports, the patients diagnosed with PTSD have more of a baseline deficit in natural endocannabinoid systems, making them more susceptible to the trauma. However, cannabis is well admired for making up this for the patients.

The endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in the two most important factors: stress response and memory making. The CB1 receptor in the brain is responsible for extinction learning. This indicates that humans can replace their old memories with new ones. By making these new memories, medical cannabis can help eradicate the panicked response while reliving the memories.

As far as the evidence is concerned, the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression are alleviated by Medical Cannabis. But accessing medical Cannabis treatment requires legal permissions.

A Medical Cannabis Card is the only document that provides legal access to medical Cannabis and enables the patient to consume and purchase medical Cannabis. However, getting one is complicated. But not anymore as you can obtain one from My MMJ Doctor. My MMJ Doctor is an online legitimate service provider that connects patients with state-licensed doctors and provides the medical Cannabis card at your doorstep.

Most medications have to metabolize through the liver which means you're talking about a couple of hours for most stress medications to start to take effect and many panic attacks and other stress related symptoms are over with by then or The stress episode are on a hard climb increasing over that period of time. There are some other medications that have fast onset times, some things that can be delivered through inhalers, liquid medications and even some tablets that can be absorbed fairly quickly but for PTSD treatment, immediacy is paramount.