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are cannabis addictive ?

Posted on by Mark Chen

it depends, addiction can be remove by wellpower, if a person have strong well power, there is nothing to be afraid of anything, 

People may get addicted to social media and gaming.

People may addicted to gambling.

People may addicted to answering questions on Quora.

People may get addicted to anything

Contrary to most contemporary people definitely yes. In the DSM-5, the catalog of psychiatric disorders used by mental health and substance abuse professionals, there is a Cannabis Abuse Disorder. The criteria are:

Here Some Symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder

  1. Use of cannabis for at least a one year period, with the presence of at least two of the following symptoms, accompanied by significant impairment of functioning and distress:
  2. Difficulty containing use of cannabis- the drug is used in larger amounts and over a longer period than intended.
  3. Repeated failed efforts to discontinue or reduce the amount of cannabis that is used
  4. An inordinate amount of time is occupied acquiring, using, or recovering from the effects of cannabis.
  5. Cravings or desires to use cannabis. This can include intrusive thoughts and images, and dreams about cannabis, or olfactory perceptions of the smell of cannabis, due to preoccupation with cannabis.
  6. Continued use of cannabis despite adverse consequences from its use, such as criminal charges, ultimatums of abandonment from spouse/partner/friends, and poor productivity.
  7. Other important activities in life, such as work, school, hygiene, and responsibility to family and friends are superseded by the desire to use cannabis.
  8. Cannabis is used in contexts that are potentially dangerous, such as operating a motor vehicle.
  9. Use of cannabis continues despite awareness of physical or psychological problems attributed to use- e.g., anergia, amotivation, chronic cough.
  10. Tolerance to Cannabis, as defined by progressively larger amounts of cannabis are needed to obtain the psychoactive effect experienced when use first commenced, or, noticeably reduced effect of use of the same amount of cannabis
  11. Withdrawal, defined as the typical withdrawal syndrome associate with cannabis, or cannabis or a similar substance is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a most recent case study reports that shows roughly 4 million Americans meet these clinical criteria in their cannabis usage.

there is  also reports that 9 percent of people who use marijuana will become dependent on it. Adolescent usage elevates adult dependence to 17 percent.