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Does Cannabies make you smarter?

Posted on by Mark Chen

No, after interview with many people first hand experiences, use cannabis do not make you smarter. 

       Street #2  : I would describe it as a different state of conciousness. It will depend from person to person and tolerance rates, but for many people it can make them think laterally rather than horizontally. Horizontal thinking is just very basic. I say apple, you think of fruits. Lateral thinking on the other hand can be far more creative. I say apple, and you start wondering how many apples it would take to fill up the elevator you’re inside of. You start imagining apples slowly filling up every square inch of that elevators surface, and you get a nauseous claustrophobic feeling. This lateral form of thinking isn’t necessarily always logical, but it is a different state of thinking. Your question is asking if you feel smarter. This is an entirely subjective matter, some people feel dumber due to this state, others love this state. Additionally, it depends on the amount you smoke, as i mentioned tolerance earlier. A lateral state of mind can be entered without any substance, but certainly marijuana can produce it. Lastly, this effect won’t be produced in everyone, and it also depends on your state of mind when smoking.

     Street #2 , No, it absolutely does not. I have been a master chief for over 15 years. And when I say chief I mean I smoked pretty much all day every day. Moved up to vaping about 6 years ago and then started on concentrates, sugar wax, and edibles the last few years. I was a national merit finalist out of high school with an ACT of 35 and SAT of 1560. I’ve always been a smart guy. Weed slows down a person’s functioning….substantially. I quit smoking 8 weeks ago and cannot tell you how much “smarter” faster, quicker, wittier, and all around “better” than I was when I smoked. The thing is when you’re high, you really don’t have clarity of “reality” so it might even seem like you are smarter or that it doesn’t affect you that much, but I can say for certainty that prolonged weed use does cause massive withdrawals, and that weed does NOT make one smarter. It doesn’t necessarily make one “dumber” either…. but it slows you down, a lot. So while you might not be dumber while smoking, you certainly are slower….and substantially so. Weed might make one more creative and make one thing about different angles and different things than they would while not smoking, but I also wouldn’t classify this as smarter. Like I said, I don’t really think it’s about “smarter” vs “dumber” but it’s certainly about faster vs slower.

     Street #3, It may increase your emotional IQ to a certain degree. Its certainly useful for trying to help you understand people a little better. It makes you more curious about others, more patient and compassionate. I definitely find I am nicer person when high then when I’m not.

Friendlier, check. Nicer, check.

I find it harder to read but it’s possible to read when high. Its hard to absorb new information though because your thoughts get away from you and run all over the place. I typically wait until the evenings when I consume when I am seated in a chair and won’t be required to leave said chair for long periods of time.


so overall our conclusion, cannabis may help you on depress among other things, but certainly not make you smarter.